Exercise bike and rehab rental Brno

Rehab and fitness rental Brno

I got the idea to run a rental service with rehabilitation and fitness equipment after my knee injury a few years ago. After surgery and the first meeting with my physiotherapist, I was strongly motivated to buy all the useful equipment as soon as possible. However, my determination weakened after I’d checked how much those useful things cost. Mainly because many of them were only to be used for a few weeks.

A rental service is a way to solve the problem of high costs and limited usage time. Our customers gain access to high quality rehabilitation and fitness equipment for significantly lower costs than its purchase price. The clients only pay for the time they really need, without sharing an overcrowded gym with sweaty strangers. When the equipment is no longer needed, it can easily be returned. Moreover, the service is cheaper than a gym membership.

For a list of equipment to rent and the fees, please see the price list.

You can also check our clients‘ experience (mostly written in Czech)

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