Exercise bike and rehab rental Brno

General conditions


The Owner rents rehabilitation aids and fitness equipment (hereinafter Things) specified in the lease agreement to the Hirer, for the price (rental) according to the valid price list of the Owner.

The owner is entitled to charge the hirer for delivery and a subsequent removal of Things if the Thing is delivered by the owner to a place designated by the hirer.


The lease relationship (rental) is concluded for a fixed period. Ending on the date specified in the lease agreement. At the request of the hirer and with the owner's consent, it is possible to extend the rental period.


The owner shall deliver the things to the hirer in a condition that does not restrict its correct use. By signing the rental agreement, the hirer confirms that he received the things in the stated condition. Any discrepancies in the above-mentioned condition are recorded in the appropriate section of the lease agreement.


The hirer shall use the the leased item in the usual manner given its nature and destination. The hirer shall take proper care of the things and use it in such a way as to exclude the possibility of damage, theft, loss, complete destruction or disproportionate wear.

The hirer is obligated to promptly notify the owner of any defects arising during the rental period. In such a case, the hirer is obliged to reduce or stop the use of the things if it could lead to further damage.

The hirer is not entitled to perform any repairs, alterations or modifications without a written permission of the owner.


The owner is not liable for any damage to property or health of the hirer or third parties caused by improper or excessive use of the things. The hirer agrees to adapt the use to their current health condition, doctor's and physiotherapist’s recommendations as well as to their current physical capabilities.


On the day of the receipt of the goods, the hirer pays the owner a refundable deposit, according to the current price list of the owenr ort he lease agreement the owner or the lease agreement. The rent will be deducted from the deposit on returning the things.

In case of damage to property, the owner has the right to keep part or all of the deposit received by the hirer, based on the extent of damage. In this case, the actual amount of the deposit kept by the owner will be determined based on an assessment of the damage done by the owner. The owner also reserves the right to have the extent of the damage assessed by an expert person designated by the owner. In this case, the owner is entitled to keep the entire deposit until the extent of damage is assessed, without prejudice to the hirer's obligation to return the things at a time agreed in the lease agreement.

In case of theft or damage to the thing by a third party, the hirer is obliged to promptly notify the owner and the police.


The rental perriod may be extended upon agreement of both parties. In case the hirer returns the item later than on the date agreed in the lease agreement (or its supplement) the owner is entitled to charge rent until the things are returned. Unless otherwise specified by the owner, the rental charges in this case are 1/30 of the monthly rental fee (according to valid pricelist) for each day.

In case of delay in returning the thing, the hirer is also obliged to pay the owner a penalty which exceeds the rent as compensation for costs and complications associated with late return. The payment for late return is determined as 1/30 of the monthly rental fee according to the valid price list of the owner.

In the event of total destruction or loss of things during the rental period, these obligations apply to the hirer until the day the owner is notified in writing about the loss or total destruction.

The owner and the hirer have agreed that the lease relationship is not automatically renewed if the hirer uses the things even after the termination of the rental period.


All owner’s claims against the hirer are primarily paid from the deposit provided by the hirer, including rental fees.


The hirer is not entitled to rent the things to a third party. Moreover, the hirer is not entitled to make any changes to the leased item without a written consent of the owner.


If the thing is returned before the term agreed by the owner and the hirer in the lease agreement, no refund of the rent is paid.


The lease is terminated upon

After termination of the lease, the owner shall acknowledge the receipt of the thing, its condition and any defects discovered in the hirer‘s copy of the lease agreement.