Exercise bike and rehab rental Brno

Fitness machines rental

Fitness equipment rental is the perfect service for everyone willing to exercise. You dont have to waste your time traveling to the gym, you dont have to share a sweaty dresing room with strangers or wait until your favourite machine is free. It is simply always prepared just for you at your home.

You get high quality equipment just for you, you dont have to worry about opening hours or the weather.

Its also an ideal way to check your real motivation. Many fitness machines are used for the first few weeks only and after that they just collect the dust. Give it a try before your spend lot of money on your own fitness machine.

We rent magnetic bikes, cross trainers, rowing machines, bosu balls and many others.

Excercise bike is one of the best-known and most popular fitness machines. There are several different types and sizes available in our rental so that we can choose perfect device for everyone. All our excercise bikes are equipped with a magnetic brake (compared to cheaper, mechanical machines ensure quieter and smoother operation), all have display showing time, distance, speed and calories burned. Standardly they are also equiped with heart rate sensors built into the handlebars. The main difference compared to the electronic exercise bike is the manual way of setting the load, which is set manually. There are also no automatic exercise programs for magnetic bike. On the other hand, the magnetic bike does not need to be connected to the electricity. No van or lorry is necessary for transport. The magnetic bike fits almost into every car, just the rear seats need to be folded down. Max. load of these devices is 130Kg.

Electronic excercise bike - This type of bike is good choice for more demanding and sporty users who want to use the device for performance training. A number of exercise programs have been installed on the exercise bike computer, according to which the exercise bike changes the load after a certain period of time. It simulates, for example, terrain ride or adjusts the load according to the users current heart rate. This device requires electricity connection. Max load is up to 150kg.

Elliptical trainer - sometimes called cross trainer. According to experts it is probably the best fitness machine for weight loss. During exercise, the whole body is moving, moreover the elliptical is run by the users own weight. Thus, energy expenditure is higher and the weight loss is more effective. Elliptical trainers in our rental shop are designed for home use, however they have a weight of 40 to 60kg and are bigger than a bicycle. That is why their transportation is more expensive. We recommend van or lorry for transport. Some ellipticals fit into a combi car, however that always depends on the particular type chosen.

Rowing Trainer - Although rowing may seem to be a sport focused on hands, in fact, the muscles on the legs, hands, torso and back are also involved. Rowing is a workout on the border between cardio exercise and strength sport. Thus it is also suitable for more experienced athletes. Rowing trainers in our rental shop are of a category for home use and can be folded down when they training is finished. Therefore, clients dont need to be afraid of too heavy or extremely big devices.

Electronic treadmill - Our electronic running treadmills are equipped with pre installed programs which automatically simulate different route profiles. The inclane control is electronic, so you do not have to get down the treadmill when you want to "go uphill". Belt width over 40 cm allows you to run without watching your steps too much. At the same time, when choosing the treadmills, we put the emphasis on "reasonable" dimensions so that we do not rent 100 kilos “monster”, which, for example, cannot be moved for home cleaning. Like other devices in our rental shop the belts belong to the category of home use machines. Even so, we recommend van for transport, or at least a large passenger car. Electronic treadmills require a electricity connection. We recommend thick floor mat to reduce noise and vibrations.

Magnetic treadmill - is designed for less demanding users who just need to walk or run without automatic programs or electronic control. These treadmills do not have preset settings and the running belt is narrower and shorter. However they are still ok for walking and running and rental fee is cheaper. Magnetic treadmills can be carried in a regular car and do not require electricity connection. We recommend a thick floor mat to reduce noise and vibrations.

Bike trainers - the ideal tool for cyclists who cannot ride outdoor due to the weather but they do not want to give up their own bicycle. Simply snap the rear wheel into the trainer and ride just as you do outdoors. The trainer has several levels of adjustable load and, of course, the bike gears can also be used. Bicycle trainers can be taken by any car and even sent by mail (as the only trainer we rent). It is recommended to use a smooth rear wheel tyre and use our thin floor mat due to possible floor contamination with dust from the tyre or oil from gears.